Ross Masters

Hometown: Lumberton, North Carolina

Career interests: Family Medicine

Hobbies: Racquetball, ultimate frisbee, cooking, backpacking, reading fiction novels

Education: Undergraduate: UNC Chapel Hill (2014) – B.A. Political Science Graduate: Post-baccalaureate life science coursework at UNC Pembroke

Enrichment Experiences

Pharmacology Tutor, Brody School of Medicine
As a 2nd and 3rd year medical student, I spent time tutoring my peers in pharmacology. My favorite role was creating test questions for medications based on former experiences with those medications as a paramedic. It was a great opportunity to pass on knowledge gained, but it also challenged me to delve deeper into the subject matter in order to answer the contemplative questions of my classmates.

Upcoming Plans

I am excited to have chosen psychiatry as my future specialty; I was drawn to psychiatry by the strong physician-patient relationships, the fascinating biological underpinnings of psychiatric disease, and the biopsychosocial approach to addressing mental illness. As I await the residency application process, I will continue to broaden my knowledge through psychiatry electives. However, I will also be working to bolster my general medical knowledge through electives such as nephrology, infectious disease, and urology. In my spare time, I plan to continue hobbies I developed during the pandemic- meditation,  golfing, and exploring Greenville.